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These very colorful bag chain are definitely the biggest trend of the year ! They are fun, they are versatile and they are part of the 2000s comeback that have been everywhere lately.

Part of the reason they are so popular ? They can attach to almost any bag, and they bring the originality and trendiness that transform the entire look. They can be very chic with a bag for a night time look or they can be incredibly dashing for a daytime accessory. The best part ? If you are looking to mix things up, it is as trendy as a necklace and as easy to clip on ! 

They have a resin like chain that is marbled, bright gold hardware and they are finished with cute tassels on each end. 


The hardest choice here might be the variety of colors they are in : The Emerald Green is different, it's delicate and refreshing. The Bright Orange is flashy and fun. The Soft Beige is creamy and very easy to pair with any colors. The Soft Lilac Purple is so trendy, so fun and it is so nostalgic. The Dashing Turquoise is the kind of colors that will make head turns in the summer with a beautiful white dress. The Black is marbled just the right way and is very chic. Finally, the white one (my personal favorite) is semi clear and has that kind of luminosity about it that makes it special. It's such a high fashion color and is the most original one, especially paired with a very bright color to show off the marbled effect.  



Acrylic Resin

Size : Length : 55 cm (1,8 Feet), Width 2,5 cm (1 inch) Buckle : 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)

Bag chain, Necklace


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