Special offer : Free shipping in France and European Union (including UK and Switzerland for orders above 50€ ! 


New ! We offer free shipping for your jewelry ! 

We offer you free shipping on the jewelry, no matter the destination and with no minimum order. To benefit from it, please put only jewelry in your cart, then at the checkout select the "Free shipping Jewelry" option.



Shipping terms

We ship our product all over the world. The fee will depend on the location of the address and on offer. Nonetheless, Free shipping is always offered for any location for orders above 150€.


Shipping in France Metropolitan

Normal shipping in Metropolitan France is 5€ for orders between 0€ and 49€99 (not including French Guinea, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion).

Orders above 50€ receive free shipping.

Delivery times are approximately 3 to 7 business days. 


Shipping in Europe

Normal shipping in UE ( including UK and Switzerland ) is 8€ for orders between 0€ and 49€99.

Orders above 50€ receive free shipping.

European country delivery time will likely be around 5 to 8 business days.


International Shipping

For orders outside of Metropolitan France and Europe, shipping will be 10€ for orders between 1€ and 149€99.

Orders above 150€ will receive free shipping

Delivery times varies from different country, but generally, it won't exceed 2 weeks. As we ship from France, international country will have a delivery times of approximately 8 to 12 business days. 


Special order

If your order include a modification on a product as you requested, delivery time will be longer depending on the customization. 


Out of stock

Even though we do our best to keep our stock as accurate as possible, it is an eventuality that we may be out of stock for a product you purchased. In that case, we are deeply sorry and we will contact you as soon as we noticed. You can either wait for the product to come back in stock (the waiting time will be communicated to you ) or, you can choose to pursue your order without the product and we will reimburse you.


Shipping company

We will likely use the French postal service to send you your product, as it is one of the cheapest option but, if you need to use a specific shipping company, please indicate the specification to us in the commentary section of your order and we will contact you as soon as possible to try and find a solution. 


Shipping Price

Please note that the price we apply do not reflect the real postal service price, as we take care of part of the real price in our shipping offer. For an example, the real shipping price of 1kg to the US is around €35. We take care of part of it when you order but we won't in any other case and you will have to pay it in full.