Blue Marble Medallion

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Stainless Steel gold medallion with blue marble pendant

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This minimalist necklace is a very chic and elegant piece of jewelry. A simple gold medallion is completed with a small blue marble that burst a bubble of color in the ensemble. Furthermore, to add intricacy to the minimalist piece whilst still treading with simple and straightforward design, the chain is adorned with small golden bead that align the whole necklace. 

It is made with high quality stainless steel, that will last well through time and can be worn in the shower and to sleep any without problem.



Material : Stainless Steel 

Category : Necklace

Finish : Gold

Chain Size : 38 cm (15 inches) + 5 cm (2 inches) adjustable

Medallion Size : 1.6 cm (0.8 inch) diameter, Marble : 0.6 cm (0.23 inch) diameter

Maintenance : 

Stainless Steel is a very strong, resistant and durable metal that won’t change color, rust or irritate the skin. It’s capable of following a busy lifestyle because of its ability to stand heat, sweat, cosmetic product and even seawater without much problem. 

Furthermore, this metal can be maintained very easily ! Wipe it down with a simple soft cloth to keep its shine and it’s done !


For more information on stainless steel, you can click on this page

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