Minted Medallion Earrings

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Stainless Steel silver minted medallion earrings 

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With its minted coin look, this pair of earrings endorse an antique look. The ruff pressed medallion is block of stainless steel, with a star shape at its center. 

Made with high quality Stainless Steel, they won’t change color or irritate the skin and are a perfect piece of fine jewelry to add to the collection.

Material : Stainless Steel 

Category : Earrings

Finish : Silver

Size : 2.2 cm (0.85 inch) length, Medallion : 1.4 cm (0.55 inch) diameter

Maintenance : 

Stainless Steel is a very strong, resistant and durable metal that won’t change color, rust or irritate the skin. It’s capable of following a busy lifestyle because of its ability to stand heat, sweat, cosmetic product and even seawater without much problem. 

Furthermore, this metal can be maintained very easily ! Wipe it down with a simple soft cloth to keep its shine and it’s done !


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