Christmas gift ideas, Top 5 quality gift for everyone !

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The most magical moment of the years is coming ! Even though things may be different this year, we still have to try and enjoy every part of it ! Gift shopping is also going to be different this year. With the restrictions, finding the perfect gift that will match the receiver is going to be trickier than usual !

That’s why this year, for the first time since 1996, we’ve built our website. And with that, we decided to draw up a list of the best gifts ideas ever from our 24 years of experience !


TOP 5 quality gift for EVERYONE 

Gifting something for a loved one can be sometimes tricky, even if we know them very well. Gifting something for a coworker, a little cousin or someone we aren’t as close with but still feel obligated to gift something to is even harder !

So, here is our top five gift that can fit the majority of people for a small budget ! They are chosen for their ability to fit anyone, their price and generally, what people tend to go for in our boutique, from our 24 years of experience.


From 10€ to 25€, it won’t break the bank but they will still receive a quality gift, from Paris Saint-Honoré street nonetheless ! That ought the make them feel special !


1. Winter gloves ! For Her and for Him !


What is more useful and appropriate than gloves during winter time ? An accessory too often forsaken, everybody has a pair but usually, they are these plain fabric ones, the same design that we had since we were kids.

Yet, gloves can be a wonderful accessory, elegant, chic and sophisticated while being useful AND confortable.

We have a few design that can fit anyone.


 Button gloves lined with velvet, 15€


Our most simple pair of button gloves lined with a velvet fabric are only at 15€ ! The minimalist design is completed with a row of small button. They are a safe bet because they are simple but chic. It's hard to dislike them !

Furthermore, no compromises are being made between style and confort. Stretchy and easy to wear, they will keep your hands fashionably warm and cosy during winter times.

And what’s even better ? They are one-size-fits-all ! Stretchy and elastic, they will fit anyone so you won’t have to worry with sizes.


Psst ! If you have difficulty deciding on the color, here is for you :

They are the kind of person to often reach for beige, creams, taupes ? Go with the nude one !

They like to avoid having too much black but do not opt for hot pinks ? The Burgundy is a perfect fit.

Very classic and chic, but doesn’t only swear by black ? Go with Navy.

Loves the elegance and simplicity of black ? You know where to go, black !

For others, black or nude can’t hurt anyone. No risk will be taken with such a classic colors.


 Multicolor gloves in Purple, 16€

We also have a multicolor version and even though it can make an excellent gift, they are more flashy and colorful so a slightly deeper knowledge of the person's preference is needed... But they are darling and will included in ouf Gift guide for Mom ! Coming soon !


 Men gloves lined with velvet, 18€


We also have a Men version. Easy to slip on, simple yet elegant and chic, these gloves are a safe bet for almost anyone. Lined with confort and warmth, they are also one-size-fits-all.

They will make great gift, no matter how much you know the person? Everyone needs a good pair of confortable stylish gloves. For 18€, receiving a pair of gloves from Paris is hardly beatable.



2. Passport Holder in Leather


This little passport holder is the ultimate best-seller in our boutique for years ! The price ? 10€ only !

Red, Silver and Gold Passport Holder


This little accessory comes in a plethora of colors and you bet you can find the perfect one. You can use it as a passport-Holder or simply as a little enveloppe for your papers, tickets and such.

It’s an ideal gift, not only because of it’s versatility, but because it’s a practical gift a lot of people will actually use ! Generally, people do buy have a passport-holder the way they will a wallet or a bag. A lot of them do not have it but will use it religiously and happily if given one !


Do you know ? A lot of our clients buy them in bulk when they come in our boutique in Paris, as it’s the perfect struggle-free gift idea to take back to everyone at home. And for 10€, it won’t break the bank !

Passport Holder in Sunflower and Black

Leather Passport holder in Sunflower and black


It also exist in a bigger version suitable for checkbook, with multiple zipped pockets and card slots for 19€

Checkbook simple wallet, 19€


3. Small accordion Card Holder/wallet



Do not underestimate this little accessory !

It is one of those piece that have always sparked a very high satisfaction from our clients. The reason ? It’s amazing. Its unconventional form differs from what we already have in the wallet/Card holder market. It is more practical, more useful and more versatile.

Those who have tried it will tell you, it’s more practical than you think ! With it’s 3 accordion compartment that can extend, it can contain your cards, your coins, your papers etc. without distortion while still having a little room !

With a minimalist design, it’s chic and simple, whilst being able to organize and to store your everyday essential. It’s a very ingenious design that you just have to try to understand. Perfect for those who want to downsize their wallet or want something to contain just the essential.

A large range of color is available for Him and for Her. (Psst, if you want a little tip, the red one and the black one are made from a particularly high quality leather ! And they are gorgeous !)

Accordion wallet for Men, in black 


You can have a luxurious, well made, practical and useful accessory for the price of 25€. Even though it is more expensive than the other product mentioned on this list, it really is worth it and will be a quality gift !


 It also exist in a coin purse version for 14€ !

Anecdote : Personally, even though I have hesitated for a long time before I used one for myself, since I have it, I cannot even imagine to change it ! I love it and it was really the answer to problems I didn’t even know I had.
And it isn’t only me ! Every friends or family I have gifted this to, have loved it and, in return, have ordered it for their friends and family. It really is amazing.




4. Glasses case / Pencil case


Leather Pencil/Glasses case, 10€

This small little pencil case can be used to hold your glasses. Made in lamb leather, the material is soft but strong and it can be a very simple Christmas gift idea for not only those who have glasses, but also for those who would benefit from a small stylish leather case to store their make-up, their pens etc.

And for those who have glasses, a glasses case is never too much, especially when they are as charming and chic as this one.


5. Card/Coin Holder in leather



Perfect for that cousin that are still in school and need to store it’s keys and card.

Perfect for that coworker that needs to store it’s work card.

Perfect for that friend that have a way too big wallet for her tiny purse.


It’s small, it’s practical and it’s useful. They are especially great for certain type of people and if you know any, they will pop up in your head as we speak. For 9€, this leather accessory is a good idea to show that we think of them without going broke !




Sadly, this is the end of our gift guides for everyone. We only tried to include the best product that can fit anyone, but of course, everyone is different and it only is suggestions after all ! 

If you want any help finding a gift for someone, you can send us a message and we will see if our 24 years of experience can help you find the perfect fit ! 


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